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Exploring The Panda Ecosystem

The Panda Bear is known for its cute and adorable features. They have white fur coats with black fur around their eyes and on their ears, noses, legs and shoulders. Panda Bears are peaceful creatures who spend their days eating bamboo. They have opposable thumbs that make eating bamboo easy for them.

Panda Bears can be found in the Southwest China provinces of Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan and on the east side of the Tibetan plateau. They also make their homes in the temperate forests of the Upper Yangtze. The Panda ecosystem consists of temperate broadleaf and mixed forest and the main diet of a Panda is bamboo. The Panda is on the endangered species list with only around 1600 living in the wild. Pandas used to be hunted mercilessly in years past due to the large sum of money that could be made from selling the pelt of a Panda Bear. They are now a protected species and much is being done to try to help the Panda.

Ecosystems depend heavily upon the Panda for survival. The Panda ecosystem can be found at the top of the Yangtze Basin. In addition to the Panda, there are other rare and endangered animals that inhabit the region as well as many people who have lived there for thousands of years. The Panda attracts a lot of tourism which helps to feed the economy of the people who reside in the Upper Yangtze Basin.

The Panda ecosystem has been threatened in recent years by poaching and human encroachment on their habitats. Panda reserves have been started as a way to protect the panda and ensure their survival. The Panda ecosystem is also threatened by illegal logging and land clearing practices. Many peasants and farmers that live in the same area as the Pandas will use the vegetation that the Pandas need for fuel. The Pandas also reside in small isolated areas that are surrounded by civilization. It is hard for them to move around from place to place. Pandas depend on bamboo for their survival. If the bamboo where they are living does not grow well it is hard for them to move to another location because their habitats are so fragmented.

Pandas are members of the bear family, but they do not hibernate in the winter. Pandas are able to climb tress with ease and eat a vegetarian diet that is almost exclusively dependent upon bamboo. The panda ecosystem does not suffer from overgrown bamboo forests due to the fact that panda bears spend ten to twelve hours each day eating bamboo.

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